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Opt out of birthday presents this year, we have something better

Opt out of birthday presents this year, we have something better

So, the greatest gift of all is really two-fold; giving your spouse and kids the ease of your clearly-defined and accessible affairs before and after the unfortunate but expected happens, as well as providing yourself with peace of mind; accessing structured, secure and up to date documentation on short notice with little to no effort.

They say time flies when you’re having fun, but if we are being honest it is not always fun, yet the time keeps flying.

Our days have become so filled with doing things for others and providing for our loved ones. Along with the complexity of raising kids, we’re faced with making money, carpooling, errands, emailing requested information, homework, choosing the right medical aid, cooking, consoling a broken heart. And don’t forget to increase the contribution to the retirement annuity and cheering for that winning goal.

Do we complain about it? Yes! Can it be chaotic? Yes! Is it worth it? Yes!

Through all the chaos and complaining, we are innately wired to provide and care for our loved ones, but ask yourself: are your affairs in such a state that if you were to die next week, the financial administration would be easy for your loved ones to access and settle? What is currently in place? Where can your family find what is currently in place? What still needs to be addressed? Do you have any special requests? Wow… and you thought being asked your age was going to be the most difficult question you faced this year.

The estimated average to settle a deceased estate with only an investment and no problems is 5 to 6 months, according to a consultant at Sanlam Trust. The administration process for estates of a gross value of ZAR125 000 or more must follow guidelines which can take between 6 to 13 months. These are mild statistics compared to the time it takes to settle expansive and complex estates.

We spend the majority of our lives striving to provide for those we love. But wouldn’t it be awful if they were faced with months of unnecessary administration and headaches at such a terrible time?

What really matters is minding your matters so that your loved ones don’t have to. While this might sound daunting, what if there was an easier way? A much, much easier way. A product which allows you to securely manage all essential information about your and your family’s entire existence. From basic and family information, estates and Wills, financial portfolio, profession, and employment details, to medical information, and accounts, including loyalty/rewards and municipal accounts.

Streamline your life and be completely in control of the information you and your family need, or will need, to live the lives you love.

The platform, named permyssion (my permission), was created with exactly this in mind. It helps you manage your personal information and offers a wealth of value for seamless access and distribution of essential documentation and personal data.

From promptly providing the kids’ passports, visas or proof of registration for that school trip. Or even compiling the documentation needed to apply for university, to changing of ownership of your eldest’s first car from your name into theirs. These are the moments that are meant to be cherished instead of charged with frustration. Beyond basic information and documentation, permyssion lets you save and share videos, photos, and letters with selected participants on certain occasions. And permyssion even makes provision for special requests such as non-related family members like domestic workers, pets and charities.

As you and your family grow, permyssion grows with you. Allowing for easy and integrated updates – even notifying you, well in advance, when your documents are due to expire.

The greatest gift of all is really two-fold; providing for your loved ones and making everything as easy as possible for them in the most difficult times. It’s peace of mind, for you and for them. Giving them access to structured, secure and up to date documentation on short notice with little to no effort is a reality for the first time.

Turn chaos into order and pressure into peace of mind. Manage your personal information better.
Visit permyssion and watch the video to learn more or start your 14-day free trial today.